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This week Good offer.Grab it!!!!!!!!!

This week Good offer.Grab it!!!!!!!!!

Buy Store All Canister Small SF4 & get 1 pc FREE

Buy Cool N Fresh Medium SF4 & get 1pc FREE

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Flyer

Buy the Aquasafe Bottle set of 4 for Rs.680/-

Buy the Aquasafe Bottle set of 4 for Rs.450/-
Buy the Ezy cool jug for Rs.395/-
Buy the Jumbo Tumblers with sipper seals set of 4 for Rs..699/-

Buy Aquasafe water Dispenser 9ltr for Rs.950/-
Buy the modular mates set(contains MM oval#2-2 pcs & MM square #4-1 pc) for Rs.1245/- & get MM Oval#2-1 pc free.MRP Rs1575/-

Buy MM Oval#4 set of 4 for Rs.1235/- MRP Rs.1745/-
Buy the rice keeper 10kg for Rs.975/-

Buy the super storer set(contains of SS small,Medium & large-1 pc each) for Rs.1385/- & get SS medium -1 pc free.MRP Rs.1845/-
Buy the food preparation set(contains Quick shake,handy grater and vegetable peeler-1 pc each) for Rs.699/- MRP Rs.830/-

Buy the freezer mate set(contains FM mini-2pcs,small-1pc & large-1pc) for Rs.940/- & get FM small 1pc free.MRP Rs.1240/-
Buy the buddy bowls set of 4 for Rs.670/- & get byddy bowl-1pc free MRP Rs.838/-

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